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A Firm Based In Principles

A principle is defined as "a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning." A foundational system that is solidified and resistant to changes for short term gain is key to the long term success of any venture. Without a clear set of principles in how a group operates and what is expected, how could we ever focus on solving higher level problems? Organizational principles are such a vital component to setting intentions as a budding organization and that is precisely why principles are at the core of Zetta Ampersands mission.

Above all, we seek to provide our partners with value as a service. To deliver not only immediate results on the operational challenges organizations face but improving the way in which the organization operates in the long term. Providing value and acting as a long term partner to our clients is always and will always be at the core of what we do. Short term, transactional type projects will always be sacrificed at the expense of providing long term commitments to the partners who have entrusted Zetta Ampersand with the future of their business. Being a principle-driven firm is what I have always wanted to be a part of and is something I believe our partners and the community will value as well.

But what does this mean and what is it exactly we provide for our customers? Simply, Zetta Ampersand is a firm focused on improving the ways in which organizations work and ensuring they are ready to innovate in the future. This is broken down into a few programs which help address some of the key factors in ensuring this. The three main umbrellas of programs are process design, technology implementation, and operations design. The first step in the Zetta Ampersand process is observation and study. Immersing ourselves in an organizations day to day processes and observing how concepts move from the idea phase to execution is the only way to design short and long term plans for improving operations. Then, Zetta Ampersand reports the findings back to key leadership and presents customized plans and models for how to implement new era systems of operation and what the quantifiable effects of this would be. After reviewing all the options and understanding how the organization will be positively impacted, Zetta Ampersand acts as the driving force to implement new technological tools, create processes, and organize teams to deliver a smoother running and more efficient machine. The result? A new way of working that frees up a massive amount of man hours, increases morale and encourages high-level creativity amongst the organization's members.

The only way we can continue to do this is to continuously deliver exceptional results for the clients we engage. This is precisely why being a value-driven firm is so important and something I will be proud to attach my name to. Every partner of Zetta Ampersand is a function of trust and it is our main objective to continue to earn that faith in us.

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