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Article Analysis- Software Bots Could Be The Future Of Business Automation

The following is an analysis of the article "Software bots could be the future of business automation" by Bryan Walsh. To reference the original article, click here.

From Nick Morris, Automation Associate The Industrial Revolution had profound effects on the total production output of manufacturers and an enormous impact on national and global economies. Since this time, countries like the US have shifted dramatically toward service economies. Like the Industrial Revolution, digitalization has been increasingly impactful on the efficiencies of service-based businesses. In recent years, digital automation, through in-depth data integrations and technologies such as RPA bots and AI, has been at the forefront of process optimization. Once reserved for only the largest and most cutting edge businesses, the implementation and licensing of such technologies have been greatly reduced, now making them accessible, viable options for many small businesses and midmarket companies.

Bryan Walsh of Axios likens the logic of digital automation process design to the creation of a real-life assembly line where work is “broken into discrete, individual tasks that can be done more efficiently in sequence.” The integration of RPA bots and AI technology into this “assembly line” allows tedious and time-consuming tasks to be monitored and completed with limited or no human intervention, giving employees more time to focus on the creative tasks in which they are best suited.

Digital transformation investments, including intelligent automation, have never been greater. Gartner currently projects that business spending for intelligent automation will increase to $23 billion globally by the end of 2026. As the pandemic has expedited most companies’ automation efforts, the future clearly lies with those who embrace its implementation as a central goal. Competitive advantages afforded to those who adopt digital automation will be necessary in order to hold dominance, or even relevance, within most service-based industries. Although many such technologies were once thought of as optional luxuries, they are very quickly becoming the necessary standard among midmarket companies to keep pace in an increasingly digitalized, fast-paced world.

From Andreas Calabrese, Managing Director

As is highlighted in the article, intelligent automation has become a key priority for executive teams as they continue to plan investments in their technical infrastructure. While there are several critical areas in which intelligent automation has a drastic effect, processes such as those raised in the article have shown the largest capacity for recaptured value.

The article highlighted a case in particular with credit card companies deploying software robots to augment fraud management. While utilizing software robots may be a valuable start to the company’s automation journey, extensions to these projects could develop into competitive advantages if deployed. For example, the credit card provider could integrate data analysis and automation together into new segmented workflows. This would allow the provider to segment transactions by their risk profile and allow different bots to execute unique workflows for each class. Ultimately, this would allow the credit provider to better define fraudulent transactions while providing their customers with faster resolutions.

While there are always automation capabilities that could be expanded upon, the Axios article clearly defines the future growth of intelligent automation and software robotics in the coming years. As organizations begin to plan how to design and implement processes that support automation, trusted partners become essential to an automation strategy. At Zetta Ampersand, we partner with middle-market companies to plan, develop and implement automation into all areas of the organization.

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